Welcome to Scott Rosen's Astrophotography website - AstronomersDoItInTheDark.com
Welcome to AstronomersDoItInTheDark.com

If you came to this site hoping to find images of scientists expanding their knowledge of the carnal variety, please accept my humble apologies. For, while I think we'll all agree that galaxies are impressive in their size, and many globular clusters are extraordinarily well endowed, the only thing bare on this site are references to one's ability to see the objects pictured with the unaided (i.e. naked) eye.

You see, I am a lover. But, in the context of this website, a different kind of lover. I am an "amateur astronomer", and that phrase loosely translates from Latin to a "lover of the stars". Like some who are amorous, I often pick up my camera to photograph the objects of my affection. And on this site, I would enjoy sharing these images with you - namely, my astrophotographs attempting to capture the sensuous beauty of the skies above.

Thank you for stopping by......

Scott Rosen
Pine Mountain Club, California

The Latest Pictures That I Have Added ...
MBM 54 Integrated Flux Nebula and NGC 7497 (QSI version)
CTB1 (Abell 85) - A Supernova Remnant in Cassiopeia
NGC 2841 - A Flocculent Galaxy in Ursa Major
From Rho to Zeta Ophiuchi and the Galactic Center
NGC 6888 - The Crescent Nebula in Cygnus (QSI Version)
NGC 1333 - A Stellar Nursery in Perseus (QSI Version)